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Kendra Bullock

Kendra Bullock

Client Services Advisor

Kendra Bullock is a seasoned finance professional and Client Services Advisor at First Genesis of Virginia, where she brings expertise in financial planning and taxation to serve her clients.

Originally hailing from Memphis, TN, Kendra’s journey in finance began with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Middle Tennessee State University. Driven by her passion for continuous learning and professional growth, Kendra pursued further education, earning not only a Master’s degree in Management from Middle Tennessee State University but also a Master’s in Taxation and Financial Planning from Widener University. These academic achievements have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of financial principles and strategies, enabling her to provide valuable insights and guidance to her clients.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kendra is an avid enthusiast of concerts and museums. Additionally, her adventurous spirit leads her to travel to new destinations, fostering a broader perspective and appreciation for different cultures.